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Hire Our Team of Experienced Infusion Nurses. At HISCO Infusion Services, our goal is to work with your staff to optimize the comfort, safety, and health of patients in your care. Our team of Infusion Nurses becomes your go-to source when it is time to place or remove a PICC line or to handle a vascular access challenge.

We work bedside at your hospital or other medical facility, using mobile ultrasound technology to guide the insertion. Our specialized RNs do hundreds of PICC line placements each year. They also engage in significant continuing education to ensure that they are current with the best, safest healthcare standards, and that they are up-to-date with the most innovative new vascular access devices and catheters. This gives them an advantage over the average floor nurse when it comes to controlling infection and avoiding patient discomfort.

Infusion Services, VAD Expertise and Advice

For those facilities that have a service agreement with us, HISCO Infusion Services offers over the phone and in-person consultations. We are available for PICC line troubleshooting and other vascular access concerns, using the considerable knowledge base and experience of our team of vascular access nurses to solve your patient’s problem.

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