Chain of Infection

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) is a huge problem costing billions of dollars a year in the US. This page from the Virginia Department of Health will help give more understanding to the Chain of Infection. And remember, breaking only one link will stop the transmission process.
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VAD Selection

If your patient needs IV access, you need to make sure they have the right line. Check out this Vascular Access Device selection tree from Mills-Peninsula Health Services. It will assist you in advocating the right infusion device for your patients.
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As I was looking for something to put in my blog, I ran across an article on extravasation. It is written by Sue Masoorli, RN, the president and founder of Perivascular Nurse Consultants, Inc., in Philadelphia. Due to space constraints I had to pare the article down some, but it has very good information.

With more than 90% of hospitalized patients receiving some type of IV therapy through a vascular access device, it is not surprising that the number of serious IV injuries has dramatically increased.