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Specialized PICC Placement Services for In-Patient Care. Infusion therapy nurses with significant experience in VAD and PICC line insertions are in demand. They are often difficult to hire and even more difficult to keep on staff. Whether you represent a large hospital or a small rehabilitation facility, hospice, long-term care facility, or home healthcare agency, your need for PICC or midline insertions will vary from one day to the next, and one month to the next.

That’s why many Denver-area healthcare providers rely on HISCO Infusion Services for reliable and cost-effective PICC placement services.

One call brings a highly-trained, experienced infusion nurse to your patient’s bedside. We use the mobile ultrasound technology to ensure that the PICC is properly placed and that the patient remains comfortable throughout the procedure. HISCO Infusion Service’s nurses have overcome many types of PICC insertion challenges, and will place the PICC line successfully more than 98% of the time.

We are also available after the insertion to answer questions and concerns from your staff. HISCO Infusion Services supports your nursing staff and works to make sure that the patient avoids PICC line complications that might jeopardize successful outcomes of their treatment.

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Outsourcing your PICC placements to HISCO Infusion Services gives even smaller medical facilities a team of infusion nursing vascular access specialists that have handled virtually any placement difficulty.
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