PICC & VAD Troubleshooting

Better Patient Outcomes, Less Exposure for Your Facility

Leave the Troubleshooting to Our PICC Team. The patient care offered by HISCO Infusion Services extends beyond PICC placement. Client facilities and agencies can give us a call if the patient is experiencing:
  • pain or numbness
  • redness or swelling at the site of the insertion
  • leakage or bleeding at the site of the insertion
  • any symptom normally associated with infection
  • signs of thrombus
If we cannot determine a cause over the phone, we will send one of our infusion therapy vascular access nurses to examine the patient. We are also available to remove the PICC line or replace a broken catheter.

Because our nurses specialize in infusion therapy and PICC insertions, they have consulted in many troubleshooting situations resulting from venous access lines. They can be your first line of response whenever a patient experiences difficulties stemming from a PICC placement.

Proper placement of a PICC line is important for successful patient outcomes, but staying on top of complications can prevent setbacks in patient recoveries. Look to HISCO Infusion Services to support your nursing staff, to offer troubleshooting expertise, and for staff training in PICC line or VAD post-insertion care and maintenance.

Online PICC Care and Maintenance Education

This is the answer to keeping your staff up-to-date on caring for PICC lines post-insertion. Our online video PICC training can reduce the incidence of complications and infections due to central venous access lines.
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