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Infusion Therapy Vascular Access Expertise—On Call and Online. HISCO Infusion Services was founded in 1998 by Steven Vaughan, RN, BSN. An infusion therapy nurse for more than 20 years, Vaughan began the company as Home Infusion Services, providing infusion therapy services and PICC insertions in homes. Later, he expanded his team of PICC nurses so that he could deliver on call PICC line placements to Denver-area hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, long-term acute care facilities, hospices, and home health agencies. Today, HISCO Infusion Services is the PICC Placement Team for more than 80 healthcare facilities.

A love of teaching led Vaughan to offer in-service training in 2005, and in 2012 he began developing the HISCO Infusion Services online post-PICC insertion education program. This program continues to grow as new videos are produced to address the current and expanding uses of infusion therapy and as the medical community learns more about managing the potential risk of complication from these procedures.

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