VAD & Infusion Education

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Keep Your Nursing Staff Up-to-Date on PICC Care. A PICC line or VAD that is not maintained properly after insertion can be a source of infection, causing patients a delay in recovery, and the hospital tens of thousands of dollars per incident. If your nurses have had training in PICC care and VAD maintenance, it may have been too long ago to expect them to remember the appropriate protocols.  HISCO Infusion Services offers two types of IV infusion training.

In-Service Infusion Training for Denver Medical Facilities

For clients in Denver, HISCO Infusion Services offers live in-service training in PICC and VAD post-insertion care for nurses at your facility. This type of training allows your nurses to interact with the instructor, ask questions and receive immediate answers.

On-Line PICC & VAD Maintenance Training for Nursing Staff throughout the US & Canada

For all medical facilities, even those outside the Denver area, HISCO Infusion Services offers online video training modules. These are available on a subscription basis.

Online Training

Online PICC & VAD Care Training

Video Based Training
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Live In-Service Training

Available in the Denver Metro Area.
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