Online PICC Post-Insertion Training

Online PICC & VAD Care Training

A Video-Based Educational Program On Call for Your Nursing Staff. Generally, peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) and other vascular access devices (VADs) are safe, reliable intravenous lines. But, they require special care and monitoring following insertion in order to avoid infections and minimize the risk of other complications.

The online video-based PICC training provided by HISCO Infusion Services is designed to establish care and maintenance protocols for the post-insertion care of VADs by your nursing staff and to reinforce those standards over time. The video series also can assist nurses in the early identification of symptoms leading to serious complications.

Because one annual subscription covers training for all of your nurses, our online educational program is an excellent way to ensure that even new nursing staff hires have an immediate opportunity to receive this important instruction. We can send your director of nursing monthly reports of the nurses who have viewed training videos. We also will inform your nurses when new videos are available online.

Today, PICC lines and other vascular access devices are being used to deliver medication, blood products, nutrients, chemotherapy and other IV fluids to a growing percentage of patients. Online PICC post-insertion education helps your nurses provide the excellent patient care needed for good risk management.

Subscription Cost:

1 - 20 Nurses $50/mo. or $540/yr.
21-50 Nurses $100/mo. or $1080/yr.
51-100 Nurses $150/mo. or $1620/yr.
More than 100 Nurses $200/mo. or $2160/yr.

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