Onsite Training

On-Site IV Infusion & VAD Care Training

Give Your Nurses the PICC Care Education They Need. HISCO Infusion Service’s in-service training is tailored to your facility’s and staff’s needs. We will address the most common issues relating to infusion therapy and the care and maintenance of IVs, PICCs and vascular access devices. We can schedule classes to coincide with shift changes or other times convenient for staff.

This training can encompass:
  • chart instructions and documentation
  • assessing PICC line and VAD complications
  • care and management of the PICC line or VAD, including dressing change, cap change, flushing protocols, troubleshooting, and catheter removal
  • infection control
  • patient education
In addition, your nurses will have the opportunity to ask questions of our experienced infusion nursing vascular access specialists.

Many healthcare facilities will find it beneficial to schedule quarterly training sessions for their nurses to facilitate excellent patient care and minimize legal liability. To schedule a training session for your staff, call 303-617-3235.

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Check out the HISCO Infusion Services blog for PICC tips and VAD troubleshooting advice.

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